The BIG Talk: Tips on getting through difficult conversations with employees

Managing employees is sometimes very difficult and uncomfortable.  At times, when faced with a tough conversation requiring discipline of an employee, you may be tempted to dance around the subject, or pad conversation with flattery to make things more comfortable.  As a leader though, you have a responsibility to your employees to make sure they understand their tasks and responsibilities. Remember the following:

  • Their common sense is not the same as yours.
  • Employees don’t read minds. Be clear in your expectations and the consequences for failure to meet them.
  • Discipline is never a comfortable discussion but it is a necessary discussion.
  • If they stray, and they will, you have a responsibility to advise and coach. Correct them and reiterate your expectations.

At the conclusion of your conversation.  One of three things will happen: the employee will improve, the employee will leave on his or her own or the employee will not improve and will make your decision for you.

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