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trucker trailer on the road

Fact or Fiction: Is There a Driver Shortage?

I heard a rumor this week from a publishing group that I contribute to on occasion. They were seeking professional opinions about the “fact” of there being no driver shortage. I immediately asked myself, “what world are they living in?!”
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onboarding vs training

The Difference Between Onboarding and Training

Growth in a small company is exciting. The need to add more employees can bring a sense of fulfillment to the owner and everyone involved in the company. Care needs to be taken when bringing new employees on, however, because…
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employee group discussion

Say It Ain’t So: Know What Not to Ask Your Next Future Hire (Accidental HR)

One of the greatest challenges businesses face is to develop an effective process for attracting, recruiting, evaluating and hiring talented employees for the company. Studies show that the number one problem with most job interviews is that the employer talks…
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