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Good bye 2017 Hello 2018

Goodbye 2017!

Some of you may think that’s a good thing and others probably wish the year would continue. Regardless, everyone thinks the year is over. But, is it?
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Business people holding 2017 sign

Happy 2017! What We’ve Learned and Where We’re Going

What a year it’s been! 2017 is almost at an end, and over its shoulder is 2018. Are you ready for it? Is your COMPANY ready for it? We’ve covered as many hot-button issues and burning questions about processes and…
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happy woman holding a thank you sign

Thanksgiving: More Than Just Turkey Talk

Saying thanks. Giving thanks. We talk a lot about gratitude around the holidays, especially on Thanksgiving; but how far does the season spirit reach? Does it go beyond your dinner table and family? As an employer, it definitely benefits company…
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office prank

5 Ways to Do April Fools’ Day at the Office

Most people enjoy laughter, especially when it happens at the office. Humor can lighten the mood and make the workday seem manageable when it might otherwise be dragging. April Fools’ Day presents a prime opportunity to inject laughter back into…
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coffee cup, notepad and laptop concept

Holidays at the Office: Remember That Not Everyone Celebrates…

When you think about work holidays, you might imagine Christmas parties or free vacation days; but the reality is, not everyone actively celebrates the holidays. While anyone can get behind taking a paid day off, they might not be as…
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happy employee with Christmas tree

One Holiday Too Many?

As we approach the busy holiday season, every business tries to have some cheery festivities. But with so many holidays, how do you choose what to celebrate and when? Everybody loves a little turkey and pumpkin pie…and some tailgating…and some challah bread…and…
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company holiday party

Holiday Fun or HR Under the Gun: Seven Keys to a Successful Season

December is always an interesting time of year for human resource professionals. While senior management is focusing on achieving year-end revenue goals and many employees are running ragged from Black Friday to Cyber Monday and beyond, those in charge of…
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