Happy 2017! What We’ve Learned and Where We’re Going

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What a year it’s been! 2017 is almost at an end, and over its shoulder is 2018. Are you ready for it? Is your COMPANY ready for it? We’ve covered as many hot-button issues and burning questions about processes and HR best practices over this past year as we could, including solicitation (not THAT kind), identity theft, bullying, and even actual disasters. It makes sense to have covered such a variety of topics, especially after the year it’s been. It was our first full year under a new president, and a year that had many people asking, “How can we do a better job with our business’s human resources?”

One of the biggest lessons we learned—and we hope you did too—was that the workplace can be a complicated place. The problems that affect employees invariably affect coworkers and the business as a whole. Understanding the nuances of those issues and knowing how to help employees solve them, or at least cope with them, can go a long way towards building trust, a better community, and showing employees that their company is there for them when it matters most. I don’t know anyone who enjoys having problems, but when a boss or colleague is equipped to navigate problems and interpersonal relationships at work, almost everyone is better off for it.

That’s what working in HR is all about: creating a safe, empathetic, and inclusive work culture and environment. In short, a place where employees want to come to work—every day!

Working toward that #DramaFreeHR experience

We’re passionate about what we do at HR Resolutions particularly when it comes to helping those “accidental HR managers” at your workplace manage the inevitable day-to-day drama. Our goal is to help you get to the root—the underlying causes—so you can focus more on important everyday things. #DramaFreeHR has been a common theme this past year, only because drama is what gunks up the gears in any work environment.

There are no “one-size-fits-all” HR programs. The key is to treat each situation and company as unique; creating an approach that will reduce company risk and give you peace of mind. We like to focus on handling individual issues, such as personal issues, policy interpretations, or unemployment claim questions. But we’re also equipped—and happy—to help you with any in-house HR projects you have brewing.

Really, we’re here to help you put the “human” back in human resources. People are people. We can related in a lot more ways than we may realize, and it’s important to remember than when addressing issues that arise at the office. Many of our other topics on company-wide celebrations, community rent (volunteerism), and employee experience/engagement were shared because those things can all contribute to a more collaborative and harmonious company culture.

What to look forward to in 2018

Next year, we’re looking to return to the basics with articles geared towards answering your questions and helping you educate yourself with some best HR practices. Up until now, we’ve covered some fairly large topic areas and given a broad view of them in terms of their impact on HR departments and personnel.

By addressing specific areas of HR or narrowing it down to individual problems, we can provide a more comprehensive look at problems, resolutions, and the processes you need to be successful. We’ll be asking “did you know?” and sharing our experiences, advice, and the steps you can take toward your own #DramaFreeHR experience. We’ll also be including some brief videos to round out the info for a good 360-degree view of HR in the workplace.

We’ll also look at being more tactical in the coming year. That means understanding what it takes to make your job easier or for you to become better at your job. That’s where our “did you know” videos and articles will be coming from! We want to help you take a look at the steps and processes involved in day-to-day HR affairs, and give you the knowledge and practical advice you need to get your own #DramaFreeHR.  Let us know what you’d like us to write about!  Send us your ideas – the first 12 people to suggest a monthly topic will receive a Starbuck’s gift card!

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