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Happy Anniversary HRR and Welcome Back “Did You Know!”

Fourteen years – hard to believe. Where were you in January of 2005? I’d love for you to comment on below, on Facebook or on our LinkedIn page. In honor of our anniversary, I’m bringing back the original concept of the “Did You Know” series. This short e-blast or mini-blog or however you want to refer to it was just a free tip or reminder to help you promote a #DramaFreeHR work environment in your organization.

We got fancy for a few years with more in-depth blogs; we got even fancier in 2018 with a full-fledged newsletter. Well, that just wasn’t me or HR Resolutions. Our entire premise is to provide YOU with the tools you need to work well with your employees. We never went away but I’m proud to return to our roots and the basics of the “Did You Know” series.

In January, we’ll focus on the OSHA log. Did you know? If you have more than 10 employees, you need to be ready to post your Summary Report from February 1 to April 30. It can be found on-line at (but you should have been maintaining it through the entire year in 2018 so that “presto” or “poof” – your summary report is ready to go. You just need to add average number of employees worked AND total hours worked during the year.

Our next DYK will focus on the statistics you should gather from your OSHA log so that you can determine if you are safer than your peers – good stuff to know.

Not sure what an OSHA log is or how to use one? Shoot us an email and we’ll help you figure it all out to keep you OSHA Recordkeeping Compliant!

And, it’s great to be back!

All the best ~ Karen

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Time for a Reboot?

The theme of the 2018 Sandler Client Summit was Breakthrough 2018. The morning speakers kept asking – “What’s holding you back ?” Well, mine was ME!. I’m doing the same old thing, day after day after day. That may sound funny coming from a Human Resource Director who never has the same day twice in a row, right?! However, I’m also a business owner and executive as many of you are as well.

Now, according to Time, “Being Bored at Work Is Actually a Good Thing…” everyone needs time to think and reflect. Is your workplace SO busy that employees don’t have a second to think/consider new ways to approach old processes? I appreciate that the article talks about working from home or a café but also indicates that’s not practical for every business. Their recommendation? Create something along the lines of a quiet room – brilliant (in my opinion!)

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The Future of Human Resources

At the June ‘17 Society for Human Resource Management Conference, VP of Government Affairs Michael Aitken, presented “The Trump Administration and the 115th Congress: The Washington Outlook for HR Public Policy.” How could anyone in good conscience not attend that session? Mr. Aitken raised some excellent, non-bashing points, that we should all consider, whether we work in HR or not. Continue reading

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Are You Ready for Vacation? What’s the Difference between Vacation and PTO?

When it comes to time off—especially paid time off (PTO)—employees generally want a good idea of their company’s policy on the matter. Do you offer any type of pay for time away from work? How many days? How can it be used? The list of questions goes on, and while they can be answered simply enough, there’s one question in particular that comes up more often than the others: Continue reading

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How to Pull Off a Successful Performance Evaluation

It should be no surprise that most people, from managers and employees to a fair number of HR professionals would rather see the performance review become a practice of the past. They can dredge up anxieties, compromise productivity and company morale, and wind up causing a whole mess of trouble if handled incorrectly. That being said, there are some invaluable reasons for perfecting the process and integrating it into a company’s standard practices. Continue reading

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a goal without a plan is just a wish

The Importance of Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Goal setting is one of the biggest ways to improve the workplace—from communication across teams to more effective manager-employee relationships and increased worker efficiency. Goals also help create a sense of accountability and allow individuals to assess progress they’re making along the way. In this way, setting goals and creating performance evaluation strategies go hand in hand. To effectively evaluate an employee’s performance, you have to start by setting smarter goals. Continue reading

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NSFW Phraseology for $1000 Please

We often say “we just can’t make this stuff up!” and we’re very, very sincere about that statement. I’ve been in human resources and personnel for (gulp) almost 30 years now and STILL get surprised. Case in point – we completed a work place investigation earlier this year and I actually had to look up some of the statement in the Urban Dictionary. No – I’m NOT going to repeat them here! I’ve worked in lots of “shop talk” environments before – not a problem, I’ve got broad shoulders. Some of these? Made me blush and that does NOT happen often! So, again, NO, I’m not going to repeat those statements – allow your imagination to run wild!

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Track your Sources

It takes a lot of time and resources to hire new employees, which is why it’s important to ensure that you’re getting a good return on investment from your sources. You should be able to determine who is responding from what source. That way, after the hiring process is over, I can determine what resources are working for me. Am I getting qualified candidates from my Craigslist ads? (Because if I’m getting sufficient candidates from a free ad, why bother with paid ads the next time?) If you don’t track it, you’ll never know.

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Recruiting Top Talent

Recruiting for an available position is a lot like crafting the perfect strategy to win a game. There are many aspects to consider. The hiring manager needs to not only find the candidate that possesses the skills necessary to perform the job, but also the emotional intelligence to fit into the corporate culture. This requires creating the perfect ad, asking the right interview questions, and making the right final selection.

Appeal to the Job Seekers

The ultimate goal when recruiting for a position is to appeal to the job seekers that would be a good fit for the company. As the economy has improved in recent years, job seekers are not as desperate as they may have once been, which means that the job needs to be enticing enough for them to apply, interview, and accept the job. Companies cannot sit idly by and wait for the right candidate to come along; it is now necessary to appeal to job seekers with the following tactics:

  • Brand your company – Let potential candidates have an inside look at the company they are interviewing with in order to let them see the values of the company and the environment that the employees work in on a daily basis to help them determine if it is a right fit.
  • Market your company – Marketing is not just for products; it can be for jobs as well. What is written about the company and the job itself can have an impact on who applies. Make sure that what is written about your company offers just enough information to pique the interest of potential candidates, making them want to learn more.

Consider the Time Restraints

How quickly a replacement is needed for a position helps to determine where and how the job should be marketed. If the position is a key component of the company, time is of the essence, which means the job needs to be advertised in the areas that it will garner the greatest interest in those that will be a good fit for the job. This avenue may cost more in the end, but it will provide the largest return on the investment. If a job is being filled that is new or not of critical importance to the company’s functions on day-to-day basis, less restricted searches can be used. Casting a wider search will require more extensive evaluations, which typically means more work, but could also lead to a greater fit for the position in the long run.

Understand the Emotional Abilities of the Candidates

Filling a position with the right person means more than having someone that can do the job – it means having someone that will fit in well with the corporate culture too. A person that does not fit in can cause disaccord amongst the current employees, bringing the morale of the company down. Consulting with current employees and observing their behaviors can help determine the traits a new employee would need to possess in order to blend in well with the rest of the workforce. These traits can then be evaluated during the interview to determine if a potential candidate possesses what is necessary to succeed.

Recruiting for a position is a distinct process and not one that should be taken lightly. Including all aspects of the hiring process can help a company make the right decision the first time around. This helps to reduce turnover rates, increase productivity, and a company’s overall efficiency. Determining a person’s all-around ability to fit in well with a company, aside from what skills he brings to the table is the best way to ensure a great fit.

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HR Resolutions Launches New HR Help Desk Service for Small Businesses

The help desk is one of the most widely used tools in business today. When your computers or network experience problems, chances are you call your information technology firm’s help desk line. When accounting and financing issues arise, you call your CPA firm in a similar manner.

And yet, most companies have not experienced the benefits of a help desk for their most valuable asset – their people. Until now. HR Resolutions, a leading provider of outsourced human resource solutions for companies throughout Central Pennsylvania, is proud to introduce the HR Help Desk, an ideal solution to meet the needs of small and growing companies in the region, and beyond.

“With HR Help Desk, office managers and front-line supervisors can stop doing ‘Accidental HR'”, says Karen Young, President & CEO of HR Resolutions. “Instead, they can simply pick up the phone – or send an email – and know that a qualified, certified human resource professional can help them with their issues as they arise.”

HR Help Desk is ideal for small businesses, and offers two levels of service – one designed for companies with 1-9 employees, and one for those with 10-19 employees.

Much like a computer or technology help desk, the HR Help Desk will provide technical support and guidance to employees performing the actual work of HR in small businesses. While the in-house employee still does the work itself, they will benefit from on-call support to answer questions on an as-needed.

For companies seeking to truly hand their HR duties to an expert team, outsource their HR operations entirely or for firms with 20 or more employees, HR Resolutions offers other solutions including on-site, on-call and as needed services.

Typical questions answered through HR Help Desk may include:

  • Answers to simple, basic day-to-day questions
  • Assistance with employee communications
  • COBRA and leave questions
  • ‘Last look’ reviews for job descriptions, recruiting advertisements, disciplinary actions, compliance documents and more
  • Record keeping questions

Advanced services in areas such as labor relations, employee surveys, exit interviews, handbook development, performance evaluation programs and more are available at an additional fee.

Accessing HR Help Desk is simple. Clients may simply call 717-695-9799 or email for a quick response.

Learn more about HR Help Desk and the full range of services available from HR Resolutions by visiting today.

Image Credit: highwaysengland (Flickr @ Creative Commons)

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