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Accidental HR (SM) – Size Does Matter!

I know, I know, you all want to believe that size doesn’t matter.  But when it comes to the number of people you employ, it really does matter! There are certain regulations that you need to abide by as your…
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First Day, Best Day

First days are nerve-racking. You want to make a good impression, but you know no one and don’t know your way around the office. It brings back memories of the first day in a new school. Who will you eat…
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Dip Your Toes in Various Applicant Pools

Sometimes it’s easy to get too focused on certain areas for hiring. You know to go to career fairs and colleges to recruit. You use job searching websites like a pro. But are you overlooking some serious contenders? Thinking outside…
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New grads, new client pool

The end of school and start of summer means that new applicants are entering your talent pool. It’s an exciting time, both for your company and for the recent graduates. There’s an abundance of tips for the new workforce, but…
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Don’t Be Afraid to ‘Ban the Box’

You may have heard of a movement called “Ban the Box.” You know the question where applicants have to answer if they’ve ever been convicted of a crime? Well, this new regulation wants to remove it from applications. And I’m…
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Refocus Your Focus

Wouldn’t it be nice if after you got your business up and running smoothly, it could just stay like that? Us too! However, even with the perfect team you’ve assembled, the marketing plan that promises to score major clients, and…
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Orientation / OnBoarding

“Onboarding” is arguably the most important part of the hiring process. It allows for employees to take some time to get up to speed, helping them become rock stars at their jobs. The week before they start, you might give…
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Hire Slow, Fire Fast, Step Carefully, Act Decisively

The Ad Determining exactly what you need and putting it down on paper is like a playbook for a winning football game. It will help you write your recruitment ad, determine the questions you’re going to ask during screenings and…
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The Top Interviewing Methods to Find the Right Candidate

The art of interviewing is more than sitting in front of a potential candidate and firing questions at him or her; it means getting an in depth understanding of a person’s skills, personality, and desire to succeed. The interviewer should…
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What Employers Should Know About ‘Ban-the-Box’ Laws

Would you ever hire a convicted criminal to work for your company? How about a person who has been adjudicated through the courts, or an individual who has served time? Each of these phrases essentially means the same thing –…
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