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mother and child bonding

I miss it EVERY year!

While I no longer have school age children, I DO have grandchildren. And, one of them has already expressed interest in taking over the business “after his professional baseball career because all Gammy does is sit on her butt all day.” Carson Leib – age 11 (12 by the time you read this!)

Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

The official event is April 26, 2018 this year. The event actually started in 1993 (where were YOU when it started?! I was working for International Paper Company and still remember us planning a 1/2 day event.) Take our Daughters to Work was the brain child of Gloria Steinem and the Ms. Foundation. The title was changed in 2003 to be more inclusive. I honestly don’t remember employers limiting it to just girls even in the way back. Continue reading

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millenials with mobile phones

Stop Blaming the Millennials

For the last couple of years, it’s been a trend among the Baby Boomer generation to mock Millennials. Endless comments about how they’re lazy, entitled, ‘the generation that needs safe spaces,’ etc. Many insults have been hurled at Millennials but they certainly didn’t take it sitting down, at least not when it came to the twitter war sparked by #HowToConfuseAMillenial. What started out as a way for Baby Boomers and others to levy insults and ‘witty’ barbs turned against them shortly after Millennials started using the hashtag in sarcastic and ironic ways.

That right there should illustrate that while they have no problem fighting back, we’re the problem—not them. Continue reading

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people doing volunteer work

Community Rent: How Volunteerism Betters the Employee Experience

One of my first jobs actually required participation in a community service group. Since then, I’m always amazed to hear about other companies who’ve instated similar practices—and what that’s done to further employee engagement. You see, volunteerism has a fairly large impact on employee engagement, and that’s true for a number of reasons. Continue reading

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Group of friends having a picnic

Whatever Happened to the Company Picnic?

Remember the company picnics of yesteryear? The large outings where employees and their families would come together, and for a few hours, you’d feel that you were all part of the same family? That kind of culture, the one that celebrates togetherness and teamwork, that is what separates the average company from a great one. Continue reading

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woman filling out claim form

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You: Employee Regulations and Employment Laws

If you have even one employee on your payroll, you are subject to more federal, state, and local employment laws than you probably realize. Quick: if you have an employee, can you answer any of the following questions?

  • Do you know if you’re in compliance with the law?
  • If one of the many local, state, or federal agencies comes knocking on your door, do you know how to protect yourself?
  • Is your paperwork in order?
  • Do you even have paperwork?

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employees having fun at work

Having Fun at Work and Beating the “Winter Doldrums”

Whether it’s seasonal affective disorder or you’re simply bummed out because of the cold, gray skies, and snow, winter can be a tough time to stay productive in the workplace. We all handle the season differently but injecting a bit of fun into the workday can certainly help beat the winter doldrums. Continue reading

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group of professional people wearing suits

Three Types of Employees

If you were to look around your office right now, could you identify the different types of employees you have? I’m not talking about identifying their roles or positions. You’ll be able to name the accountants versus the sales team. Instead, I’m referring to the three different types of employees as identified by the Gallup organization: engaged, not engaged, and actively disengaged.

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casual office meeting

Culturally Speaking

In my years of experience, the one thing I’ve learned is that a company’s culture can be the determining factor if employees stay at their jobs. But what exactly does that even mean? By definition, corporate culture refers to “the beliefs and behaviors that determine how a company’s employees and management interact and handle outside business transactions.” Your company probably has a written code of conduct for how you interact with your customers, and there may be some guidelines for how you interact with colleagues as well, but culture goes beyond just the written rules.

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man and woman working together

Gender Schmender

I’m often asked what I do to combat gender inequality in the work place, and my answer may be shocking: I do nothing. To me, gender schmender. I don’t believe that gender inequality exists; in my experience, as an HR Manager, I just have NOT seen it. For those out there who want my advice? Here it is: to move up within your organization, find out what you need to do and do it.  Keep your nose down and work hard. Don’t complain, just work hard.

But I was also aware of my trajectory. I’ll never be a Fortune 500 CEO, but I don’t want to be one either. (Too many headaches, if you ask me.) I don’t have the educational background or past experience to make that happen. My not becoming CEO of Google or Apple has nothing to do with my gender. I’m simply not the right person for that job.

However, I did have the background, education, and passion to become an expert in my field: human resources. I found my passion in life, and I worked hard to learn everything I could about it — from first-hand experience on the job to continuing my education even today.

You can do the same, too. Regardless of whether you’re female or male, find what makes you happy in terms of career. Immerse yourself in that culture and continue to learn as much as you can about the field. Work ahead. Find out what needs to be done, and do it. Go the extra mile. And your gender won’t have anything to do with your progression through the company.

For more tips on how to succeed in your career or how to motivate your employees to look past their gender, visit to schedule your free consultation.

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