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News at the Speed of Light

Wow – what a ride right now, right? Things are changing almost at the speed of light and it’s tough to keep up. You have your own family to worry about, your employees and their families to worry about and…
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workplace team work concept

Did You Know – End of the Quarter

Did you know – employees truly DO want to know how the Company is doing. As we approach the end of the first quarter of 2019, what approach do you take to keeping employees in the know? (Where has the…
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piggy bank

Did You Know – Rewards and Recognition Don’t Have to Break the Piggy Bank!

Happy Birthday to Me – Happy Birthday to Me. Yep – it’s my birthday month. Do you know when your employees’ birthdays are? How simple would it be to shoot them an email (or mail a card to their home)…
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young people having fun on the beach

Did You Know – When Love Blooms at the Office!

Did you know you CAN say something when a romance starts off at the workplace? Even if you do not have a fraternization policy, you can still (and should) hold an adult conversation with the new love birds. The conversation…
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mother and child bonding

I miss it EVERY year!

While I no longer have school age children, I DO have grandchildren. And, one of them has already expressed interest in taking over the business “after his professional baseball career because all Gammy does is sit on her butt all…
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millenials with mobile phones

Stop Blaming the Millennials

For the last couple of years, it’s been a trend among the Baby Boomer generation to mock Millennials. Endless comments about how they’re lazy, entitled, ‘the generation that needs safe spaces,’ etc. Many insults have been hurled at Millennials but…
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people doing volunteer work

Community Rent: How Volunteerism Betters the Employee Experience

One of my first jobs actually required participation in a community service group. Since then, I’m always amazed to hear about other companies who’ve instated similar practices—and what that’s done to further employee engagement. You see, volunteerism has a fairly…
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workplace team work concept

Forget “Engagement”: It’s All About the Employee “Experience”

If you’re like me, you’re probably a little tired of hearing about employee engagement, mostly because the things businesses have been doing to engage with their employees didn’t offer long-term solutions. Morale would go up and down in the same…
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Group of friends having a picnic

Whatever Happened to the Company Picnic?

Remember the company picnics of yesteryear? The large outings where employees and their families would come together, and for a few hours, you’d feel that you were all part of the same family? That kind of culture, the one that…
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woman filling out claim form

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You: Employee Regulations and Employment Laws

If you have even one employee on your payroll, you are subject to more federal, state, and local employment laws than you probably realize. Quick: if you have an employee, can you answer any of the following questions? Do you…
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