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5 Ways to Do April Fools’ Day at the Office

Most people enjoy laughter, especially when it happens at the office. Humor can lighten the mood and make the workday seem manageable when it might otherwise be dragging. April Fools’ Day presents a prime opportunity to inject laughter back into the office, but it can be easy to cross the line and have a prank turn into harassment. Continue reading

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Why I can’t work today….

If you work in H.R., I’m sure that you’ve seen and heard it all. From employees calling in sick with strange diseases they’ve seen on TV, to hurting themselves on the job by accidentally stabbing themselves with thumbtacks. But have you ever heard these?

12 explanations that employees might say when they’re caught sleeping at their desks.

“They told me at the blood bank this might happen.”
“This is just a 15-minute power nap like they raved about in that time management course you sent me to.”
“Whew! Guess I left the top off the liquid paper. You probably got here just in time.”
“This is in exchange for the six hours last night when I dreamed about work.”
“It’s okay … I’m still billing the client.”
“I wasn’t sleeping! I was meditating on the mission statement.”
“I was testing my keyboard for drool resistance.”
“I was doing a yoga exercise to relieve work-related stress.”
“Rats! Why did you interrupt me? I almost had figured out a solution to our biggest company problem.”
“The coffee machine’s broken.”
“Someone must have put decaf in the wrong pot.”
You know you’ve hired a winner when you’ve caught your employee sniffing the sharpies…

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