Accidental HR (SM) – Size Does Matter!

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I know, I know, you all want to believe that size doesn’t matter.  But when it comes to the number of people you employ, it really does matter! There are certain regulations that you need to abide by as your employee count grows. There can be serious consequences if you don’t follow the rules, so be sure you know them! Oh and remember that handy dandy Acronym Chart that we had? That will help you when reading this chart!

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Now we’re sure you’ll have questions because most people do; and of course we are here to help! Want to know what a rule or regulation entails? Want to know how to get your office up to code? Want to know what to do when you’re ready to hire and you’re going to jump to a new category? It’s all something we walk our clients through every day!

Is there a specific regulation you would like me to write about in an upcoming blog? All you have to do is reply with the subject and we will pick the most popular (or maybe even all of them).  If you’re ok with it, we’ll even give you a shout out in the article!!

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