Human Resources White Papers

We have created a series of White Papers to help you navigate the world of being the Accidental HR™ Person.

Click on the images below to learn more and download the white paper.

cover of Personnel Files ebook

Personnel Files — the Basics

Simple Steps to Personnel File Compliance and Good Recordkeeping Practices

You will learn what to include in these files:

  1. Traditional Files
  2. Medical Files
  3. “Someplace else” Files
Four Simple Steps ebook cover

Four Simple Steps to Better Interviews!

A White Paper created to improve your interviewing skills!

Studies show the number one mistake interviewers make is talking too much. The candidate should be speaking about 80% of your time together.

Not About the Money ebook cover

Show Me the Kudos!

It’s not all about the money

You will learn:

  1. Why paying more doesn’t work
  2. How to recognize your team
  3. How to make personal connections
Okay to Fire ebook cover

“It’s OK to Say…You’re Fired!”

If you’ve done your job as a Leader, it IS ok to say…”You’re fired.”

If someone is not performing to your expectations and they are unable to make their position understood then my question back to you is WHY are they still working for you? If you’ve done your job as a Leader, it IS ok to say…”You’re fired.”

Hiring ebook cover

20 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Human Resources Consultant

What your HR Consultant DOESN’T Tell You!

According to the Society for Human Resource Managers (SHRM): “HR Consulting is the practice of delivering all aspects of human resource management as an external provider, and with the professional and business issues associated with operating such a practice — including client development, contracts and client management.”

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