The magical phrase

When it comes to finalizing the job description, a few points of contention should be addressed based on your organization and the position itself. You may ask yourself:

Should I include employees in the development of job descriptions?

Employees should be included in the development of the job description, especially those in a similar position, as they will have a greater knowledge of tasks and expectations related to the position. Also, provided they are performing their job in a satisfactory manner, they give you guidelines for education or experience that the new position will require. However, it is imperative to remember that you and ONLY you have the final say.

Should I establish a regular review schedule?

Every performance review period, you and the employee should review and update the job description if necessary. This allows the employee to provide their insight into the growth of their position in the company and measure their performance against what is expected.

To sign or not to sign?

Personally, 50% of my clients have employees sign while 50% do not sign the job description. If you decide to have your employees sign the job description, be sure there is a TIGHT disclaimer, saying that signing the job description does NOT create a contract.

So what is this “magical phrase” you speak of, Karen?

ALWAYS end the essential function section with “all other duties as assigned” so no one can come back and say “that’s not in MY job description!”

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