The Key to It All

An unsafe workplace can lead to increased employee leave and turnover, decreased morale and a damaging reputation. Not to mention a slew of workers’ compensation claims and OSHA inspections. All of these things affect the trust level of your employees, your bottom line and your own sanity.

The best safety program is one consistently communicated throughout the workforce, where every employee is on the lookout for hazards and safety procedures are ingrained into every day. Being safe should be a part of a company’s identity, not an occasional priority.

To affirm building safety into a part of your business’ culture, find ways to reward people for demonstrating safe work practices. Catch them unaware and make sure their coworkers know their dedication, which will inspire a team effort to keeping your projects safe.

An active safety committee holding regular meetings can keep the focus on safety ongoing. The group can bring up relevant topics to build continual momentum for the safety program. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) also requires regular training sessions for different industries, which can help support a regular calendar of safety efforts. Make sure you’re familiar with and up-to-date on any specific trainings required for your company.


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