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Recruiting for an available position is a lot like crafting the perfect strategy to win a game. There are many aspects to consider. The hiring manager needs to not only find the candidate that possesses the skills necessary to perform the job, but also the emotional intelligence to fit into the corporate culture. This requires creating the perfect ad, asking the right interview questions, and making the right final selection.

Appeal to the Job Seekers

The ultimate goal when recruiting for a position is to appeal to the job seekers that would be a good fit for the company. As the economy has improved in recent years, job seekers are not as desperate as they may have once been, which means that the job needs to be enticing enough for them to apply, interview, and accept the job. Companies cannot sit idly by and wait for the right candidate to come along; it is now necessary to appeal to job seekers with the following tactics:

  • Brand your company – Let potential candidates have an inside look at the company they are interviewing with in order to let them see the values of the company and the environment that the employees work in on a daily basis to help them determine if it is a right fit.
  • Market your company – Marketing is not just for products; it can be for jobs as well. What is written about the company and the job itself can have an impact on who applies. Make sure that what is written about your company offers just enough information to pique the interest of potential candidates, making them want to learn more.

Consider the Time Restraints

How quickly a replacement is needed for a position helps to determine where and how the job should be marketed. If the position is a key component of the company, time is of the essence, which means the job needs to be advertised in the areas that it will garner the greatest interest in those that will be a good fit for the job. This avenue may cost more in the end, but it will provide the largest return on the investment. If a job is being filled that is new or not of critical importance to the company’s functions on day-to-day basis, less restricted searches can be used. Casting a wider search will require more extensive evaluations, which typically means more work, but could also lead to a greater fit for the position in the long run.

Understand the Emotional Abilities of the Candidates

Filling a position with the right person means more than having someone that can do the job – it means having someone that will fit in well with the corporate culture too. A person that does not fit in can cause disaccord amongst the current employees, bringing the morale of the company down. Consulting with current employees and observing their behaviors can help determine the traits a new employee would need to possess in order to blend in well with the rest of the workforce. These traits can then be evaluated during the interview to determine if a potential candidate possesses what is necessary to succeed.

Recruiting for a position is a distinct process and not one that should be taken lightly. Including all aspects of the hiring process can help a company make the right decision the first time around. This helps to reduce turnover rates, increase productivity, and a company’s overall efficiency. Determining a person’s all-around ability to fit in well with a company, aside from what skills he brings to the table is the best way to ensure a great fit.

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