bullying and gossip at work

Bullying: It’s Not Just in Schools

While it’s likely been years since most of us were in high school, there’s one thing that even adult employees face today that harkens back to their school-age days: bullying. No one is getting into fistfights in the parking lot…
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frustrated woman checking credit on computer

Helping Employees Deal with Identity Theft

By now, many of us have heard about the Equifax breach. It came as a shock when the company responsible for credit monitoring and identity theft protection was the victim of a data breach. It’s been reported that at least…
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School Fundraiser sign

Back to School and Solicitation Policies: Who Knew the Two Could Be Connected

The workplace is often full of parents, new and seasoned, so when the school year starts, it’s not uncommon to see flyers or emails asking others to support a sports team, school trip, or club with the purchase of some…
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Man spilling hot coffee

When Disaster Strikes—Around the Workplace Water Cooler

This country has seen its share of hardships over the past year, with two of the most recent ones being Hurricane Harvey and the Charlottesville Riots. We can’t avoid talking about them or hearing about them. Even if you aren’t…
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Hand holding a globe with reflection of business people

The Future of Human Resources

At the June ‘17 Society for Human Resource Management Conference, VP of Government Affairs Michael Aitken, presented “The Trump Administration and the 115th Congress: The Washington Outlook for HR Public Policy.” How could anyone in good conscience not attend that…
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trucker trailer on the road

Fact or Fiction: Is There a Driver Shortage?

I heard a rumor this week from a publishing group that I contribute to on occasion. They were seeking professional opinions about the “fact” of there being no driver shortage. I immediately asked myself, “what world are they living in?!”
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millenials with mobile phones

Stop Blaming the Millennials

For the last couple of years, it’s been a trend among the Baby Boomer generation to mock Millennials. Endless comments about how they’re lazy, entitled, ‘the generation that needs safe spaces,’ etc. Many insults have been hurled at Millennials but…
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tired employee working at his desk

Not Again! There’s a New, New Form I-9

Just as employers are finally getting comfortable with the most recent version of the Form I-9 that rolled out late last year, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) announced yet another revised Form I-9. This latest version bears…
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empty office

Compassion vs. “The Bottom Line”

As an employer, it can be difficult to strike a balance between being compassionate when it comes to providing employees with time off and maintaining a profitable business. At least it can seem that way. There are ample regulations and…
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people doing volunteer work

Community Rent: How Volunteerism Betters the Employee Experience

One of my first jobs actually required participation in a community service group. Since then, I’m always amazed to hear about other companies who’ve instated similar practices—and what that’s done to further employee engagement. You see, volunteerism has a fairly…
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