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“Onboarding” is arguably the most important part of the hiring process. It allows for employees to take some time to get up to speed, helping them become rock stars at their jobs.

The week before they start, you might give an employee a tour of the building and facilities, including restrooms and fire escapes or a walking tour of the surrounding area and nearby restaurants and services. You can provide a packet with an overview of the company perks and benefits, a list of the job descriptions, or a chart showing how departments and positions are interrelated. You can send them a training or orientation schedule so they can ask questions before arriving.

The more we address the small items ahead of time, the more at ease they’ll be when they walk through that door, and the faster we can get into the heart of their job responsibilities on the very first day. Remember, choose someone to provide orientation for your new employees and choose wisely. It’s often best to remove yourself from the process and enlist another employee who will be working closely with your new hire.

As they acclimate, follow up with them. Ask them how everything’s going and listen to them sincerely and address their concerns immediately. This is a great way to not only ensure that they are learning and growing into their new position, but also ask for candid feedback on existing processes and policies. Often, an outside perspective can bring beneficial recommendations.

With healthcare reform and benefits needing to be in place by the 90th day, a lot of companies have converted to a 60-day orientation or introductory period to coincide with the benefit waiting period.

Regardless of the length of time, be sure to take advantage of this period. If they’re right for you, you’ll know. If not, move them along or move them out.

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