News at the Speed of Light

Wow – what a ride right now, right? Things are changing almost at the speed of light and it’s tough to keep up. You have your own family to worry about, your employees and their families to worry about and your business and revenue to worry about. I’m sure I’ve missed an item or two. (For example, I’m concerned about all of you and how the team at HR Resolutions can help – not from a revenue standpoint but from a servant leader standpoint.) That’s A LOT to keep us all up at night.

So, in an effort to help calm the nerves, let’s step through these:

  1. Your own family: no matter what, this is first and foremost. You can’t take care of everything else if you haven’t taken care of you and yours! Be healthy, be safe, practice self-care including whatever you need to do to remain as calm as possible.
  2. Your employees and their families: before we even start to worry about how we’re going to account for their time or how we’re going to get the work done, let’s focus on what they need for their families. School’s closed? They don’t feel well? They just returned from the vacation of their lives?
    • Remote work
      1. Think outside of the box – you may never have considered a work from home policy before – will it work temporarily right now?
      2. No one is saying the exceptions you make right now have to be the rule in 2 weeks or a month
    • Nope, they “make things” and don’t work in an office
      1. Give them the time off
      2. Worry about how it will get paid later
    • Flexibility will be the key here. (Trust me, flexibility is not necessarily my first “go to” competency – LOL!)
  3. Your business and revenue
    • After your family, here is where YOU can take the lead
    • You’ve run a successful company – this is just a challenge you have not had to face before, and it can be handled
    • Taking action always helps relieve fear
    • Frankly, I can tend to be a doomsayer, so I plan for the worst so that when the worst doesn’t happen, all is well

The world is not full of roses right now and I actually have taken my rose-colored glasses off for the time being. There are two (2) things that I’ve learned in the past year of working with a professional coach: 1) I have to take care of me first so I can take care of others and 2) “Be open to it being OK.” Right now, I MUST focus on both of these (see point 3d above!)

Let us know if and how we can help. We’re just a call or an email away.

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