Falling Down on the Job

Falling down on the job has two meanings and you don’t want either to happen at the workplace! Unfortunately, sometimes they both do! And when there is an injury on your “watch” you certainly don’t want to be the person “falling down on the job.” Don’t be shy! The injured employee needs your help.

injured man with nursesCase Management after an injury is important.  Generally, an adjuster will be assigned to your “case” regardless of the severity, and there are different adjusters for different case levels, i.e “medical only” and “lost-time”.  If there is lost time, be sure to request that a Nurse Case Manager be assigned. He or she will be a liaison between you, the employee, the doctor and the adjuster.

Throughout the management of the case, you will need to STAY INVOLVED! Even though it is the insurance company’s money, it is still your employee and ultimately, your money anyway! You also want to make sure your employee still feels like they are part of your team and you haven’t just handed them over to be dealt with by someone else.

Injury case management can be overwhelming and HR Resolutions is here to help! If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact Karen at [email protected].

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