Easy Tips for Increased Productivity

Would you like to increase productivity in your workplace?  Well, of course you would.  Stuck as to how?  There are some easy ways to motivate your employees to get the job done more efficiently.  Try out some of the following tips and you may be surprised by the results. 

  • Compensation.  Investing in a compensation package for employees can prevent losing them.  It can also motivate them to work harder if they know they have 401(k) match contributions to work for or feel that other benefits are worth staying with the company. Remember, compensation isn’t just the employee’s pay rate.
  • If the position allows, give the employee flexible scheduling or the option to telecommute.  This can save money in transportation compensation or even energy usage at the office.  Employees with children may especially appreciate the opportunity to work from home.
  • Do not use fear as a tactic to produce work.  Scaring your employees does not create a positive work environment and isn’t a good long-term motivator.
  • Invest in company culture.  Company outings or social events make happier employees.  Forming something like a bowling team is another great way to encourage teamwork and boost office morale.
  • Recognize your employees for good work.  Whether it’s “employee of the month” or a simple pat on the back in front of his/her colleagues, being noticed for a job well done is always appreciated.  This not only encourages the employee being recognized to continue to do well, but also will motivate others to perform better.


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