Don’t Be Afraid to ‘Ban the Box’

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You may have heard of a movement called “Ban the Box.” You know the question where applicants have to answer if they’ve ever been convicted of a crime? Well, this new regulation wants to remove it from applications. And I’m okay with it.

Here’s why. I’m going to do my due diligence when hiring someone regardless of whether they check a box or not. I’ll check their references and even perhaps check a person’s background if there is a bona fide job need. There are ways for me to find out that information if needed.

But do I need to know if they have been convicted of a crime before I interview them? Not really. Until they’re my employee—or about to be—that’s their personal business. I once interviewed a girl who admitted to having been convicted of a crime. She was young and her friends dared her to steal some lipstick. She was caught, and 18, so it’s part of her record now. It was a stupid thing for her to do — and she knows it now. She learned a lot from that experience, and I could tell that she had matured and grown. I offered her the job, and she’s now a great employee! As much as you can tell from a background check or a yes-or-no question on an application, you can tell just as much from interviewing someone and getting a feel for who they are.

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