Did You Know – Rewards and Recognition Don’t Have to Break the Piggy Bank!

piggy bank

Happy Birthday to Me – Happy Birthday to Me. Yep – it’s my birthday month. Do you know when your employees’ birthdays are? How simple would it be to shoot them an email (or mail a card to their home) to recognize their birthday?

And, employment anniversaries – who remembers those? (I have a note on my calendar for Melissa’s anniversary – it’s that important to me and I don’t want to miss it!)

To this day, I remember my 1st anniversary note from the President of the Company I worked for in 1989! I single carnation was on my desk when I arrived at work. It had a hand written thank you note on it recognizing my first anniversary. Now, I realize he didn’t drive 45 minutes to leave that on my desk before I got to work BUT he DID take the time to recognize me.

How much did that carnation/note cost to leave this long of an impression on an employee? What kind of an impression are YOU leaving on your employees?

Not sure where to start? Shoot us an email and we’ll help you figure it all out and avoid unnecessary drama!

All the best ~ Karen

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