Did You Know – OSHA Logs Take 2

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Did you know there are important statistics you can gather from your OSHA log? Remember, if you have 10 or more employees, you should be maintaining this log throughout the year AND posting the summary report from February 1 to April 28. (Short Cut to Logs)

Once you’ve determined the number of 1) overall incidents, 2) restricted duty incidents and 3) lost-time incidents, you can then calculate some statistics to see how you compare against your industry numbers. The calculations are quite simple – all you need are the 3 numbers above, the total hours worked during the year and the number 200,000. (The 200,000 is used to compare apples to apples – 100 employees working 2,000 hours per year = 200,000!)

Your incident rate is the category you are looking at (incidents, restricted, lost) times 200,000 divided by the number of hours worked during the year! It’s that simple!

Still not sure how to look at your numbers? Shoot us an email and we’ll help you figure it all out to keep you OSHA Recordkeeping Compliant!

All the best ~ Karen

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