Accidental HR℠ : CAN do vs WILL do – Job Descriptions

OK, I’m back on Job Descriptions again…Yep; they tie into the Mission Statement, too. (Well, at least they should!)

Each job in your organization should be directly related somehow to completing the mission.  Accounts receivable brings in revenue to pay for everything.  The sales people find new clients who want your product or service. The janitors keep the working environment clean and organized. (That’s in your mission, too, right? To have healthy, happy employees?)

Why do we exist? This is basically your mission statement. Why is the company able to be a viable company with products/services to sell?

Why does the position exist? What part of the mission is this position taking care of?

What “hard” skills are necessary?  What TASKS need to be performed in order to support this mission – these can be TAUGHT. IE…bring in certain dollar revenue with cold calling, deliver a certain amount of product in a specific amount of time, contact a specific number of customers to gain necessary feedback using your customer service software, etc. These are also called “essential functions” but we’ll talk about the Americans with Disabilities Act another day!

What “soft” skills or traits/characteristics are necessary? How WILL the person perform the tasks and SUPPORT the mission – often times, these CAN be coached! Maybe your focus is on a positive customer atmosphere, a team approach or a family-like working environment. (Wait – could these be the same as the Core Values we talked about last time?)

When writing job descriptions for each position (yes, each and every position), be sure to keep your Mission Statement and your Core Values in mind.  If an employee is completing small tasks that are mission focused, the big picture will be mission focused as well!

HR Resolutions wants to know your thoughts… Can Soft Skills be taught and learned in job training? Do you think you can teach your employees to “act” a certain way and to truly “care” about your mission? Reply to this email with your opinion and we may feature it in an upcoming blog. (Don’t worry, you can remain anonymous if you’d like!)

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