Accidental HR℠ and Your Mission Statement

Why do you exist? (OK, your Company, not you…) Do your employees know why “you” exist? What’s Your Mission Statement? Do your employees know the goals of your company? Do they understand the image you want to portray in business and your community?

Your day-to-day activities can tend to become a game of ‘trying to keep up’ instead of truly meshing with your mission. If part of your mission is to treat customers like family then you’ll want to be sure you’re not answering each phone call as if the customer is interrupting.  You’ll want to reiterate the company’s mission statement with employees and implement it into the tasks they perform and the roles they take on.  You may have a desire to volunteer in your community as part of your mission – well then work that into your employees’ duties.  Maybe someone can be asked to set up a yearly charity event or create a dress down day to support a local cause.

Don’t forget that if you forget the mission, your employees will forget as well.  Be the leader, always working to support your company’s mission statement.  And this will begin with having a great mission statement that is clearly defined and easy to remember.

As a business owner, I just went through a redefining of our Mission, Vision and Core Values…

– Our “old” mission: HR Resolutions’  mission is simple: provide realistic, affordable human resource management services and solutions on-site,  on-call  and only  as needed  to help businesses eliminate the issues, challenges and frustrations they face as an employer.

– Our new and improved mission statement is much easier for our employees to remember
Simply stated: We help employers help their employees by creating a place where people WANT to go to work every day!

Get everyone on the same page and working for the same goal and you will see excellent results! Need help drafting a mission statement that is perfect for your company?

Just give us a call today at 717-652-5187 to set up your Mission Statement Review!

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