Accidental HR℠ and Termination

Getting the ol’ pink slip. Getting kicked to the curb. Downsizing, resizing, rightsizing or eliminating the position; you’re no longer needed or we’ve decided to go a different direction. These are all ways (some not so great ways) to let an employee know that you’re letting them go. But it is (generally) OK to just say it… “You’re fired.”

No matter the reason, it is one of the most difficult things any manager must do, which is probably why all of the other ways to say it have evolved over the years. If this is your first rodeo, you may be worried about the employee’s reaction. It is an uncomfortable situation but many times just cannot be avoided.

In Pennsylvania, we are considered an “At Will” state. This works for both the employee and employer; it is what enables an employee to resign with or without notice. It also allows the employer to terminate at will for any NON-discriminatory reason. There are many reasons to be careful when terminating though, so always review with an expert if you’re the least bit unsure.

At HR Resolutions, we are happy to discuss your situation with you to put your mind at ease. Call us today to schedule an appointment or to just ask a question!

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