workplace team work concept

Forget “Engagement”: It’s All About the Employee “Experience”

If you’re like me, you’re probably a little tired of hearing about employee engagement, mostly because the things businesses have been doing to engage with their employees didn’t offer long-term solutions. Morale would go up and down in the same…
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Group of friends having a picnic

Whatever Happened to the Company Picnic?

Remember the company picnics of yesteryear? The large outings where employees and their families would come together, and for a few hours, you’d feel that you were all part of the same family? That kind of culture, the one that…
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comuter screen vacation time wording

Are You Ready for Vacation? What’s the Difference between Vacation and PTO?

When it comes to time off—especially paid time off (PTO)—employees generally want a good idea of their company’s policy on the matter. Do you offer any type of pay for time away from work? How many days? How can it…
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sick employee wiping nose

Flowers, Hay Fever, and Intermittent Absences: What’s a Manager to Do?

Spring is a time of renewal, and coincidentally, intermittent absences in the workplace. Plenty of people suffer from allergies, which can be a valid excuse for having to call in sick (especially if the Hay Fever gets out of hand…
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woman filling out claim form

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You: Employee Regulations and Employment Laws

If you have even one employee on your payroll, you are subject to more federal, state, and local employment laws than you probably realize. Quick: if you have an employee, can you answer any of the following questions? Do you…
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office prank

5 Ways to Do April Fools’ Day at the Office

Most people enjoy laughter, especially when it happens at the office. Humor can lighten the mood and make the workday seem manageable when it might otherwise be dragging. April Fools’ Day presents a prime opportunity to inject laughter back into…
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Holidays at the Office: Remember That Not Everyone Celebrates…

When you think about work holidays, you might imagine Christmas parties or free vacation days; but the reality is, not everyone actively celebrates the holidays. While anyone can get behind taking a paid day off, they might not be as…
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employees having fun at work

Having Fun at Work and Beating the “Winter Doldrums”

Whether it’s seasonal affective disorder or you’re simply bummed out because of the cold, gray skies, and snow, winter can be a tough time to stay productive in the workplace. We all handle the season differently but injecting a bit…
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Office romance

Love: A Fine Thing (But Maybe Not at the Office!)

To quote John Paul Young, “Love is in the air, everywhere I look around,” and that holds true even at the office. People can fall in love, flirt, and meet future partners anywhere they go and (un)fortunately, that also includes…
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Company checklist concept

How to Pull Off a Successful Performance Evaluation

It should be no surprise that most people, from managers and employees to a fair number of HR professionals would rather see the performance review become a practice of the past. They can dredge up anxieties, compromise productivity and company…
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