HR for Professional Services

Whether you run a busy law practice, accounting firm, web development company or consulting business, you rely on a skilled administrative staff to handle the day to day details, interact with customers and solve problems. As your administrative staff grows, it becomes increasingly important to get the most from your team.

Do you have the right polices and procedures in place to encourage consistent feedback and clear communication among your employees? When was the last time you went over your employee handbook? Do you have clearly written job descriptions so everyone understands their role within the organization? Are you having trouble finding the right employees to fill open positions?

At HR Resolutions, we understand the unique needs of professional services organizations like yours. And we know that, while you do your best to stay on top of everything, you probably need to address a few human resources issues from time to time to keep your organization running smoothly.

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Let us take the worry and frustration out of human resources management for you! We’re the experts you can count on for a variety of human resources concerns including:

  • Administrative Support
  • Effective Employee Handbooks
  • Hiring the Right Employees
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Creating Job Descriptions
  • Performance Evaluations
  • Exit Interviews
  • Staff Training
  • and so much more…

Whether you need ongoing help to manage your HR department or want to work with a trusted resource that’s just a phone call away, HR Resolutions can handle all of your human resources management needs. Contact us for a FREE consultation and see how we can make a difference for your organization!

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