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When solid organizations put their heads together, great ideas follow. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the Harrisburg Regional Chamber & CREDC to bring you the HR Resolutions Member Value Program.

We’re here to help you fulfill your vision and mission by working side by side with you to create a workplace where employees WANT to come to work every day!

Working with us, through this program, provides you with your own HR department, regardless of your company size. Or, we can work with you to supplement your already busy HR staff, assisting them with critical projects and training that they don’t have time for in their normal day-to-day routine.

Are You An “Accidental” HR Manager?

Take our quiz to find out! After you complete the quiz, you’ll receive a FREE 30 minute consultation to talk about any of your HR concerns right away!

Minimize Your Risk and Improve Your Workplace

HR Resolutions can help as little or as much as you need, including:

Comprehensive HR Audits

We’ll help you complete a comprehensive HR audit of your current practices, procedures, and handbook. Then we’ll provide an action plan, based on your risk level.

Defining Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are the hub of the wheel in any organization. Effective (and proper) job descriptions get the wheels of your organization moving in the right direction.

Clearing HR Roadblocks

Every now and then, you may hit a roadblock with your employment practices. While we aren’t attorneys, we have the skills and abilities to coach you on a situational basis. It’s like having the resources of a large company HR department at your fingertips.

Taking HR Off Your Plate

Don’t want to handle ANY of the HR “stuff” involved with having employees? HR Resolutions can serve as your entire HR department, either on site or virtually. We’ll work as one of your key department heads to minimize risks and keep your HR on track.

Put our passion for human resources to work for you and get back to the work you do best!
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