5 Ways to Gain Employees’ Respect

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Respect in the workplace is as crucial as productivity when it comes to the bottom line. Without respect, no manager will succeed, which could mean a company that fails as a result. Respect is a two-way street, but it is one that managers must walk over and over again in order to gain the respect needed to run a quality company. Gaining the respect of fellow employees is not something that comes as a result of a title or paycheck – it is something that is earned through hard work and perseverance.

Follow the Company’s Mission

Do as I say, not as I do is not the mantra any manager should live by; instead, managers need to lead by example. Actions speak louder than words in the workplace, which means managers need to be the leader that they want their employees to follow. Employees cannot be expected to fulfill a mission if their leaders are not doing what is necessary to make that mission a reality. The rules that are set forth for employees are the same rules that every manager should abide by in order to have the respect they need and deserve.

Keep Everyone Involved

Micromanaging, berating, or downright ignoring is not the way to create productive employees. Everyone wants to feel needed, heard, and valuable, which is only possible by managers doing their part. Employees thrive on compliments and praise, but this should only be provided when it is warranted. Falsely praising employees will not drive them, but rather deter the company’s goals. Work together as a team and the respect will naturally fall into place, keeping everyone on the same page.

Set Goals

Goal setting and achieving those goals can make employees value their managers. A Manager should be someone that is looked up to and sought after. A manager that just shows up to work to punch the clock, does their job, and leave is not a goal setter or achiever. This is a manager that collects a paycheck. The manager that gets the respect desired is one that reaches for the stars and achieves personal and Company goals. The team is a part of reaching those goals and a good Manager recognizes those achievements with everyone.

Carry Yourself with Pride

Pride and self-confidence lend themselves to respect. If managers do not carry themselves well, letting others around them know how unsure they are about the job being performed, no one is going to respect them. Instead, that manager will be walked all over and the jobs will be inefficiently performed. Managers need to exude self-confidence and pride in order for others to respect them the way they desire to be respected and in order to get the job done.

Have an Open Door

Respect is achieved when a manager is approachable. Respect is not the same as fear, which any manager with a closed door and unapproachable attitude will create. Keeping that open door policy, allowing anyone to come in at any time with any problem will help to put employees at ease, making them want to problem solve and make things right. In the end, this helps with productivity, creativity, teamwork, and the company’s bottom line.

A well respected manager is one that works just as hard as the employees, following the rules, and remaining approachable. In the end, when employees and managers work together, a higher level of success is achieved. It is not hard to achieve success, but it is hard to have employees that disrespect. Finding the perfect level of achievement is necessary for managers that want their company to be the next best thing.

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