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Managing payroll and benefits can easily become a full-time job for many business owners.

At HR Resolutions we understand the complexities of administering employee benefits effectively and can help you lighten the load, so you can spend less time on paperwork and more time growing your business.

We offer a variety of payroll and benefits administration services customized to your needs including:

Payroll & Total Compensation

As an employer, you know that payroll is about much more than the paychecks you cut each week. The total compensation you provide for each employee also includes benefits, such as vacation days or club memberships, as well as retirement plans. Have you presented a total compensation package to each member of your team, so they understand the value you are investing in their success? HR Resolutions can help you review your total compensation package and present the details to your employees in a way that communicates their value to your organization.

Benefits Administration

Want to provide benefits that employees appreciate without breaking the bank? Consider employee benefits with high perceived value, that don’t drastically affect the bottom line. Some examples of low-cost benefits could include flexible scheduling, floating holidays, performance-based incentives and rewards, or small gifts to designate a special milestone or accomplishment. The key is to be creative! At HR Resolutions, we can help you get your creative juices flowing and offer useful suggestions to augment your existing list of employee benefits.


While most employers understand and support the benefits of the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the COBRA program, the infinite complexity of these laws creates unnecessary frustration. If you’re not sure if your business has the right procedures in place to comply with FMLA or you need some help wading through COBRA compliance issues, HR Resolutions can help answer your questions or provide assistance with critical documentation rules and procedures. Don’t try to navigate this minefield on your own!

Unemployment Case Management

Are you facing an unemployment claim you don’t think you should have to pay? Do you need help to build your case or clarify your company’s position? Don’t try to fight an unemployment claim on your own. Put our experience to work for you and let HR Resolutions review your unemployment compensation case before you act. Our experienced staff can offer insights to help you take the most responsible and appropriate action.

Get the assistance you need by contacting HR Resolutions today!

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