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All businesses, not only in Pennsylvania, have more on their plates than ever before. An uncertain economy has made business growth more difficult, while new healthcare regulations, safety compliance issues and increased government bureaucracy have created even more hassles. Staying on top of HR management is more difficult than ever. That's why more and more businesses are turning to HR outsourcing companies to lighten their load and help them make the best decisions possible.

So how do you know when it's time to consider human resource outsourcing, rather than simply hiring a temporary HR consultant to handle current issues or questions? The good news is, we won't make you decide! Unlike other HR outsourcing companies, we won't insist on handling all of your HR needs if you're not ready for that yet. We can handle as little or as much of your HR management as you like.

We offer a wide variety of HR consulting services in the Harrisburg, Lancaster and York, PA area including:

HR Help Desk

Our monthly program provides you with unlimited access to a full HR Department as well as an HR Process Manual and system to help grow your business – drama free!


Promote fairness, communicate clearly and create a more productive workplace by establishing the right policies and procedures.


Need help finding the right fit for your job openings? We can help you improve your hiring process and streamline your search.

Employee Development

Need to do more cross training? We can help you develop in-house training programs that increase productivity throughout your organization.

Payroll & Benefits

Tired of feeling like you're wresting a bear when it comes to handling payroll, benefits administration, or COBRA regulations? We can help!

Employee Relations

Retain your best performers and improve employee communication and productivity with our proven strategies and expert guidance.


Non-compliance with OSHA regulations carries hefty fines and puts employee safety at risk. Get the answers you need to avoid costly fines and create a safer workplace.

In addition to individual HR consulting services, we can develop a customized outsourced HR program for your business, that takes HR management off your plate and off your mind. Imagine knowing that all your HR management needs are handled... We think that's how outsourced HR should be!

If you agree, contact HR Resolutions today for real solutions that empower you to do your best work, while saving you time, money and HR management hassles. We've been providing HR consulting services throughout Harrisburg, Lancaster and York, PA for more than 20 years!

HR Consulting Services in Harrisburg, PA

Is it time for you to consider outsourced HR? If you've been struggling to find the right workers that "fit" your organization, need help handling payroll and the complexities of benefits administration or want to stay on top of safety and compliance issues, HR Resolutions offers complete human resource outsourcing solutions, tailored to the unique needs of your business. Contact us today to find out more.