What’s Your Halloween Tradition?

Halloween is right around the corner and while your company may be planning an office-get-together (we’ll cover appropriate employee costumes a bit later in the month), many of your employees with young children are busy planning the perfect costume for their son or daughter. While that fun family stuff should be done off the clock, as an employer it’s important to be sensitive to these memorable family traditions. One way to do this is to allow parents to leave the office early on trick or treat night. If business is booming or you are dealing with a “scary” situation and taking time off isn’t possible, offer them the opportunity to work non-traditional hours so they are able to help their little goblins get dressed up. Also, depending on your company size, if you have employees from several different towns, trick or treating could be on different days, which can soften the blow of employee absence.

If allowing employees to leave early or work non-traditional house is totally off the table, consider this. Who doesn’t love pictures of adorable kids in costumes? Set up a bulletin board for employees to post pictures of their kids dressed up for trick or treating. Your employees will be thankful for the opportunity to share pictures and talk about their kiddos. Ok, since you asked….

kids in costumeMy grandsons Connor (left), Colton (middle), and Carson (right)

What is your office’s Halloween tradition? Share with us and you’ll receive a FREE report: Uncover the Errors LURKING in Your Employee Handbook.

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