What to include in job descriptions: Part I

Last week we talked about the importance of having a good job description. So let’s dive into what, specifically, needs to be included.

Title and reporting structure

Your job description should include the title of the position along with the reporting structure within the organization (i.e., who the potential employee will be answering to). This may seem obvious, but outlining the reporting structure upfront will eliminate any confusion in the future.

Scope of the job
Outlining the depth and breadth of a position is a very important part of a job description. This gives the potential employee the full scope of what he/she is responsible for on a daily basis. This also allows the employer to set the expectation from the get-go. Examples of items to include in this section:

  • Number of accounts managed
  • Budget responsibility
  • Number of employees supervised

Essential Functions

This is NOT just a task list; it is what must ABSOLUTELY be done by this position. A simple way to determine essential job functions is to ask, “Why does this job exist?” This also helps to give the employee a sense of purpose in the company.

Tune in next week when we will cover “KSAs” and work environment exposures.

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