What FMLA Doesn’t Address

For companies with 50 or more employees (or those about to get there), the Family and Medical Leave Act requires certain benefits you must give, but in Pennsylvania, there is still a significant number of decisions a company must make.

The Family and Medical Leave Act must be in place with 50 or more employees, but it does not address the following:

  • Payroll during the absence
  • Workmens’ compensation and  short-term disability, are they out on employee compensation
  • PTO usage

While some states do, Pennsylvania does not require payment during FMLA.  Do you have clear policies in place that your employees are aware of and can articulate?  If not, you are leaving yourself open to litigation.  You have to have your own policy in place that outlines compensation and is clearly understood.

Would an audit of your FMLA policies help you protect your business? 


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