We’re getting mushy on you

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, this month we’ll be focusing on what we are thankful for, giving back to the community, and other feel-good, why-we-do-what-we-do, mushy stuff.

Community service. A term that sometimes gives a feeling of requirement or punishment. Believe it or not, a lot of people choose to do community service. Why? Maybe because they have a cause that they strongly believe in, or maybe they like interacting with new people. Bottom line, community service just makes you feel good, like wearing fuzzy socks by the fireplace. So why not bring this powerful tool into the workplace as a way to increase employee morale, all while giving back to the community that you serve? Here are a few tips…

  • Get out of the office! Getting the staff out of the office and volunteering at a local food shelter or youth center will help your employees ward off office distractions and focus on the task at hand. If you are volunteering a certain skill set that doesn’t require your staff to actually leave the office, try setting aside specific times to work on your volunteer project and mark the occasion with something special like coffee and donuts.
  • Let your employees decide. When you let your employees decide what organization(s) the company will be supporting, you are giving them ownership over the project. It can be as simple as taking suggestions from the group, then having everyone vote on it.
  • Take time to reflect. At the end of the project, take some time to allow everyone to share their favorite part of the day/project. You’ll be surprised at the lessons learned, funny stories shared and the overall feeling of camaraderie among your team.

What is your favorite volunteer project you’ve ever done with your team? Share on my LinkedIn page and you’ll be entered into a contest where HR Resolutions will donate $50 to the charity of your choice.

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