Trouble keeping up with changing CDL regulations?

Keeping the required information and documentation for commercial drivers is an important but tedious task. Mistakes in documentation can cost your company thousands in fines, not to mention a paperwork nightmare and hours of time wasted. It is made even more challenging with changing CDL laws and requirements. Does your company have the proper documentation to reflect recent changes in federal law? Read on to find out.

Gov. Tom Corbett signed House Bill 1458 on Jan. 27. Effective Jan. 30, the bill brings Pennsylvania into compliance with new federal rules for driver’s licenses and permits issued to commercial drivers.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recently amended federal regulations to require holders of interstate CDLs to provide a copy of their Medical Examiner’s Certificate to their state driver licensing agency, if their type of commercial driving requires a physical exam. CDL drivers will also be required to self-certify to the type of commercial driving performed (even if none). This is normally a one-time process unless the CDL holder changes the type of driving.

Pennsylvania would have risked losing more than $32 million a year in federal highway funding if it did not update its law to comply with the changes.

PennDOT will begin notifying existing CDL holders of the new requirements by mail in March. Current CDL permit holders, out-of-state CDL transferees, and people seeking a CDL on or after Jan. 30 will be required to meet the provisions of the new law when testing, applying for a permit or transferring a CDL from another state.

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