Time for a Reboot?

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The theme of the 2018 Sandler Client Summit was Breakthrough 2018. The morning speakers kept asking – “What’s holding you back ?” Well, mine was ME!. I’m doing the same old thing, day after day after day. That may sound funny coming from a Human Resource Director who never has the same day twice in a row, right?! However, I’m also a business owner and executive as many of you are as well.

Now, according to Time, “Being Bored at Work Is Actually a Good Thing…” everyone needs time to think and reflect. Is your workplace SO busy that employees don’t have a second to think/consider new ways to approach old processes? I appreciate that the article talks about working from home or a café but also indicates that’s not practical for every business. Their recommendation? Create something along the lines of a quiet room – brilliant (in my opinion!)

Several of the articles I saw related to bored millennials – there we go, picking on them again. But, I’m not a millennial and I get bored too. Career Addict – Top 10 Things to Do when You’re Bored At Work

#7: Embrace Boredom [see? Good thing!]

#9: Learn a New Skill [wait, I’m already overworked!]

#3: Make Your Cubicle Less Boring [it IS your home away from home]

#1: Quit [interesting, right? BUT, if the job is no longer a fit…]

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So, as a business owner, I decided to change things up a bit for us too. (This is GOOD news for you, my reader friend!) Just a few of the changes in our #DramaFreeHR world for 2018:

  1. We have an “Accidental HR ™ Quiz” – Are You Accidental
    1. If you take the quiz, you earn a free consultation!
  2. Did you know we have an HR Help Desk?
    1. It’s new and improved this year – check it out at #DramaFreeHR Help
  3. Hard copy newsletter!
  4. Several new e-books are being released this year


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