The Biggest Mistake in Hiring


No kidding, hiring is a bit like dating. Everyone is on their best behavior and it’s an exciting time to bring the “newbie” who is going to work wonders in the company. And, sometimes we get lucky and find our perfect person.

But more often than not, we find that there are warts on our Prince and somehow we missed that in the early stages.

Hiring too fast is often the biggest mistake small to mid-size companies make. Sometimes it’s lack of planning, sometimes it’s an urgent need brought on by new business; but whatever the situation hiring in desparation will always end up a disaster.

You’ll be left shaking your head in dispair and another person will have cycled through your business. Having an HR plan can alleviate your biggest hiring mistake. Using an outside firm, like ours, can give you the benefit of objective insight that will guide you through the hiring process so that you aren’t alone in assessing potential employees.

We can help you with testing, interviewing, background checks and training when the “perfect one” comes on board. Give us a call. Let’s talk before you make another hiring mistake.

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