The Benefits of Reviews and Evaluations

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Often, busy organizations get so focused on their day-to-day tasks that it can be difficult to maintain a consistent evaluation process for existing managers and their employees. This is not something to be overlooked! One of the biggest benefits of a review and evaluation process is a sense of clarity. These meetings provide an opportunity for managers and employees to discuss strengths, weaknesses, and expectations often allowing potential problems to be nipped in the bud.

Equally important is developing a relationship with your employee that is more of an adult-adult relationship, rather than an adult-child relationship. Reviews are not an opportunity to scold or correct, but to encourage open discussion on both sides. This approach reinforces the idea that this is a business, and it’s not personal attack when issues are addressed. And when people don’t feel infantilized, but rather like a valued adult, they will behave like valued adults.

You’re also showing your employees that they have a safety net. They’re learning that they may not have met your expectations this month, but through a simple discussion, everyone can move on with a clear path of what to do next and where to go from here.

You’ll find that, as you develop a closer, more comfortable relationship with your employees, they’ll be more likely to tell you the truth or to bring things up, especially when they know it’s safe to do so. Everyone makes mistakes – teach your employees that it’s OK.

Documenting Throughout the Year

If you don’t have a regular system where you’re sitting and talking with your employees, make notes throughout the year, both positive and negative. Record them somewhere safe and accessible so that, when it comes time to sit down and do the annual review, you’re not combing your calendar trying to remember what happened the past 12 months or how well the employee performed a certain task six months ago.

Human nature is to evaluate the most recent history. That’s not the purpose of this review. You should not be relying on your emotions or your memory, so write notes, keep track of things (both good and bad), and you’ll have everything right at your fingertips when you go to prepare their review.

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