Accidental HR (SM) – Take Time for You!

You know the drill.  Get up, get ready for work. Get your family (or your hounds) ready.  Make breakfast.  Pack lunch. Sit in traffic on the way to work.  Make phone calls while in said traffic (on your hands free device). Work flies by and you feel as though you’ve gotten nothing real accomplished.  You ate at your desk. You missed your breaks.  You rush home to get dinner on the table (or pick up a pizza, at least.) You run to sporting events, to meetings or to the grocery store (maybe even attend  Zumba ® Class!). You take out the trash.  You pay bills. You help your family get ready for bed.  You attempt to watch TV.  You go to sleep later than you’d like and you do it all over again the next day.

So, tell me, what do those roses smell like?

I’m sure many of you feel the same way I do. The laundry is never-ending and the clock just keeps on ticking.

But we have to, for our sake and for the sake of our families, take time to stop and smell the roses.  Enjoy a sunny day. Actually taste our food.  Go for a walk and dream about an upcoming vacation. Ask your spouse how their day was and actually listen.  Let your child go on and on about something silly that happened at school while you eat dinner instead of wondering if you sent that email off to your boss.

Being busy all the time makes us feel important, like we have a purpose. Sometimes the rare down time even worries us and makes us antsy, like we’re forgetting something, but it is OK! Have you ever said no to something just because you needed “me” time? Try it!

Take a nap, swing on a porch swing, drive through the countryside, dine in a neighboring town, read a book, watch a movie.  Take a dance class, an art class or have a glass of wine in your PJs.  Allow your brain to relax, allow your body to relax and enjoy your life.  Most of our urgent tasks are not nearly as life-threatening as we imagine them to be.

So, this coming week, give yourself some time.  Take a deep breath and smell those roses. It will make all of the must-do tasks much more bearable when you know you’re going to reward yourself with some down time.

For me, I got my nails done this week! What about you? Let us know what you did to “take time for you” this week! Tell us on Facebook or Twitter.

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