Take Action Now on the Card Check Bill

Card Check Bill – Not Just a Big Company Issue

Many Small Business Owners think that the Card Check Bill is not something that will effect them and that unionization is a Big Company Issue.  But, it’s not.  If the Card Check Bill is passed, your small business can become unionized almost overnight and you can’t do anything about it. 

But, you can do something now.  The only way we can get this bill to fail is for you to contact your legislators – particularly Senator Spector, who is on the fence on this issue – and make your voice be heard.  We need to make the voice of Small Business Owners ring loud and create an impact.  Here’s what you can do…

The Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA):  Obama co-sponsored the EFCA which would change the union certification process by eliminating secret ballot elections and would only require a majority of workers to sign authorization cards designating a union as their bargaining representative.  Many employers worry that this would take away their chance to argue against unionization, which they currently have the right to do during the campaign period leading up to the secret ballot.  

Employers everywhere are very concerned about the passage of this bill and, like you, want to get involved in the “virtual march” on Washington.  We recommend you click on the link below and make your voice be heard.  Send a letter to your senators and representatives.  You can get more information by going to:


Join the rest of your colleagues in keeping this bill from being passed.  It’s the future of America that’s at stake here…let’s all be heard!   

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