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Wouldn’t it be nice if after you got your business up and running smoothly, it could just stay like that? Us too! However, even with the perfect team you’ve assembled, the marketing plan that promises to score major clients, and a steady and strong foundation of client relationships, life is sure to throw some unpredictable curves your way: your top sales agent wants to go back to school, your accountant retires, your in-house attorney moves. But rather than fall down a rabbit hole of worry and stress, use this time to refocus and recenter on your company’s core mission, vision and values.

We all know that finding the right person for the job is critical, not only to fill a position but also to maintain the office culture. Office culture is what keeps employees happy and reduces the drama in your office. So, when the time calls to bring in a new player, I prefer to see recruiting in terms of sourcing, a way to find the right person. Don’t hold out for the one perfect, miracle candidate. Instead, start a list of very good candidates who meet most of your desired boxes.

The best way to find those potential new hires is not only to know the skills you’re looking for, but also how to find the best candidates who can do what you need them to do. To accomplish this, you need to know the hard skills (the actual tasks) the person will be performing, and you need to consider the soft skills (the characteristics or traits) that will ensure their success in your organization. The trick is finding the person who best aligns with the soft skills and your core values. You can train someone how to do a handbook review, but teaching someone that HR is fun, well, that’s a passion that the candidate must possess.

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