They’re ready to work. Now what?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 3 million non fatal workplace illnesses and injuries were reported in 2012 from private industry.  That’s a lot; so chances are your Company may have been one of those reports.

But now what do you do? According to their health care provider, the employee is able to start working again; so what can you have them do?

Statistics show that injured employees return to full duty MUCH faster the sooner they are in a regular routine.  It’s just natural that getting back out there and doing what you’re used to will help in the healing process.  So it is important to get them into work and get them doing something. But it must be viable work.  They can’t just come in and read articles or play on the internet all day (like they could in the good old days  when I first started in “personnel”!).

It might be possible that you just don’t have anything for them to do that is viable in your specific workplace.  If you don’t have anything, you may be able to have them volunteer at a local non-profit (and pay them for their time) – check with your insurance adjuster on the details of your particular situation. Trust me, the adjuster wants the employee back to work too!

It may seem like a lot of effort on your part as the employer to basically create a new position for this employee, but don’t forget: you absolutely do not want them sitting at home all day. If they are flipping through the channels just to happen upon the “Injured at work? We can help!” commercials, it may cause many more problems for you in the long run.

And if you need help with getting your employee back in the groove, call us! We are always on call and ready to assist you!

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