Planning Seminar on a Budget

Sometimes it can be less expensive to travel and attend someone else’s seminar than it is to simply host your own.  But is there a guest speaker you’ve been dying to share with colleagues?  Know that your seminar will have something new and different to offer?  We’ve put together this list of tips for hosting your own inexpensive office seminar.

  1. Create a budget and work backward when planning your event. By dividing the elements of your seminar into parts, you will be able to more easily see what individual expenses will be required.
  2. Manage accommodation costs.  Venue, food and drink, material costs, and the expenses needed to cover any travel, lodging, or food expenses for your speaker(s) can be kept at a minimum through good planning.  Planning in advance can help to get better prices as well.
  3. If you don’t have the space to host a seminar at your office, ask a business colleague or client if you can use their space. In return, offer to let their employees attend your seminar.
  4. Use Powerpoint or other software programs for your presentation to avoid extra costs spent on copying paper or other handout materials.
  5. Don’t go overboard with decorations and food.  It is certainly important to make your attendees comfortable and look professional, but make sure the majority of your budget is going toward content.


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