Accidental HR (SM) – Knowing the Lingo

It seems every industry, every generation; every company really, has their own way of saying things.  The Social Media mavens have tweet and hashtag and friend and connect and share.  The Techies have infrastructure, HTML, responsive, mock-up, code, clicks and e-commerce. Most businesses discuss some form of ROI and AR and AP. The lists can go on and on.

So what do you need to know about HR to “fit in”? To sound like you know what you’re talking about?

Here are some common Acronyms for the HR world; a great big Alphabet Soup of HR Buzzwords and Definitions, if you will.

Not sure what one of these mean? It’s ok, don’t be shy.  We are here to help.  Just send us an email and we’ll explain it to you so you can sound great at your next meeting!

Have a good/funny story of a time you (or you know, “a friend”) mixed up an acronym or 2? Share your story on our Facebook page.  We promise, you are not the only one to ever get these mixed up!

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