Keys to Effective Hiring

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In a recent article on hiring, Matthew O’Connell of Select International, Inc. gave these tips that we thought might be helpful for you.

    • Identify what really needs to be evaluated.

Assessing candidates based on 25 competencies might work for some organizations, but that approach isn’t appropriate for all, 10 good ones is enough.

    • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Simply put, don’t just give a personality test. Or just conduct an interview. Because performance is multifaceted, a single assessment method just isn’t enough to accurately predict performance.

    • Use assessment tools appropriately.

Don’t use cognitive ability tests to measure personality, and don’t use personality tests to measure how well someone can solve problems. Different tools serve different purposes, and you need to know which to use and when

    • Put the least expensive tools up front.

In addition to identifying the most qualified candidates, an effective selection system also saves your organization money by reducing the time spent on applicants who are not qualified or would be a poor fit.

    • Look at accuracy, time and cost.

Focus your attention first and foremost on accuracy, followed by tim involved for both your organization and the applicant, and lastly cost, the cheapest isn’t necessarily the best.

    • Measure the results.

Are we doing a better job than we were a year ago?

What changes can we implement to make sure we’re doing even better a year from now?

How accurate have we been in making good hires?

How many bad hires have there been?

What do the bad hires tend to have in common with each other?

Here at HR Resolutions we work with clients to help them through the hiring process so that they are surrounded by the best people possible. Developing a good team starts with hiring right. Let us know if we can help.

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