I think you deserve a vacation

This month we’ll be sharing with you some helpful tips and debunking common misconceptions from our series of Did You Know tips.

Did You Know… It’s Vacation Time!

Sounds relaxing, doesn’t it? Do you look forward to the time away from work? Do you recognize how relaxed you will be when you return? Are you ready to tackle those new projects with 110% of your energy and focus?

Or, are you like lots of people who worry more about time OUT of the office than they worry about hours IN the office? A majority of employees face their greatest stress during the first few days back from vacation or the few days leading up to a vacation. All the work we attempt to handle in anticipation of our vacation leads to longer hours/extra days. Then, when we return, no one was doing our work while we were out so we have last week’s work to do ALONG WITH this week’s work! Or, worse yet, the Blackberry and laptop become just another family member when we’re away.

Even the definition of vacation (thank you, Merriam-Webster) sounds relaxing: “a period spent away.” For your own peace of mind, for your health and for the good of the Company — take your vacation! Set yourself up for success while you are out and when you return — take advantage of “extended” voice mail message options; use the “out of office” automatic response in your e-mail systems. If you feel you MUST take calls, have one person take ALL your calls and only forward URGENT/CRITICAL calls to you. Only turn the phone on once a day or every other day.

Employers — encourage your employees to USE this benefit — it’s good for them AND it’s good for YOU by providing more relaxed, better focused employees who have had the opportunity to take a break! Anyway — didn’t you know? It’s vacation time!


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