HR Resolutions Launches New HR Help Desk Service for Small Businesses

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The help desk is one of the most widely used tools in business today. When your computers or network experience problems, chances are you call your information technology firm’s help desk line. When accounting and financing issues arise, you call your CPA firm in a similar manner.

And yet, most companies have not experienced the benefits of a help desk for their most valuable asset – their people. Until now. HR Resolutions, a leading provider of outsourced human resource solutions for companies throughout Central Pennsylvania, is proud to introduce the HR Help Desk, an ideal solution to meet the needs of small and growing companies in the region, and beyond.

“With HR Help Desk, office managers and front-line supervisors can stop doing ‘Accidental HR'”, says Karen Young, President & CEO of HR Resolutions. “Instead, they can simply pick up the phone – or send an email – and know that a qualified, certified human resource professional can help them with their issues as they arise.”

HR Help Desk is ideal for small businesses, and offers two levels of service – one designed for companies with 1-9 employees, and one for those with 10-19 employees.

Much like a computer or technology help desk, the HR Help Desk will provide technical support and guidance to employees performing the actual work of HR in small businesses. While the in-house employee still does the work itself, they will benefit from on-call support to answer questions on an as-needed.

For companies seeking to truly hand their HR duties to an expert team, outsource their HR operations entirely or for firms with 20 or more employees, HR Resolutions offers other solutions including on-site, on-call and as needed services.

Typical questions answered through HR Help Desk may include:

  • Answers to simple, basic day-to-day questions
  • Assistance with employee communications
  • COBRA and leave questions
  • ‘Last look’ reviews for job descriptions, recruiting advertisements, disciplinary actions, compliance documents and more
  • Record keeping questions

Advanced services in areas such as labor relations, employee surveys, exit interviews, handbook development, performance evaluation programs and more are available at an additional fee.

Accessing HR Help Desk is simple. Clients may simply call 717-695-9799 or email [email protected] for a quick response.

Learn more about HR Help Desk and the full range of services available from HR Resolutions by visiting today.

Image Credit: highwaysengland (Flickr @ Creative Commons)

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