How to Motivate without Moolah

What is the number one way to keep an employee?  If you said money, you’d be wrong.  It’s by keeping workers satisfied and meeting expectations.  There are plenty of ways to motivate employees without having to give a pay raise or bonus.  Recognition or praise may be motivation enough and in turn you can save the company some extra dollars.  When looking to keep your employees happy, try some of the following before writing out a check.

  • Recognize your employees.  Award “employee of the month” or other special certificates for achievements specific to your company.  People enjoy being noticed for doing a good job. (Just be cautious to have a well-defined program of how the employee is selected – you don’t want to be accused of having a popularity contest!)
  • Evaluate your job titles. Are they something you’d be proud to share when first meeting someone?  A title can have great effect on one’s attitude and morale so consider changing titles if you feel they could be improved upon.
  • Set goals that will be rewarded with a selection of pre-determined “awards” such as extra time off (paid or unpaid), Company logo-wear or an extra “casual” day.
  • Make sure you have a good working environment.  Is your office space clean and well lit?  Are the chairs comfortable?  These things can have a huge impact in performance and even prevent turnover.
  • Hold a social gathering outside of work time!  Everyone likes to relax and events like this will allow employees to bond and then create a more positive work environment.  Holiday parties or group sporting activities are some ideas that have proved successful.


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