How to Build Strong Internal Communication in the New Year

Internal communication is a critical function of any company.  A strong internal communication system can increase efficiency, create happier employees, and decrease turnover.  By taking some steps to simplify the exchange between your executives and employees, your company synergy can be greatly improved.  Here are some tips to amplify the quality of your company’s internal communication.

  • Create a forum for dialogue between the executives and the employees.  This could be physical meetings, internet conferences, through social media, or any other way you find works best.  Regular contact is important to keep employees in the loop and invested in the company.
  • Build a strong company culture.  Take time to learn about, or even have the company spotlight, something about employees’ lives outside of the workplace.  This will develop a stronger sense of community among employees. 
  • Utilize communication to explain the company’s strategy and financial situations, and to collaborate with employees on new ideas.  Give opportunities for employee feedback and consider if it can be employed successfully.
  • Use communication to give positive feedback along with any criticism.  Employees will stop listening if they are only hearing negative responses.


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