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The Ad

Determining exactly what you need and putting it down on paper is like a playbook for a winning football game. It will help you write your recruitment ad, determine the questions you’re going to ask during screenings and interviews, evaluate how the individual has done in the interview, and, ultimately, make your selection. You’re setting yourself up for success, making the hiring process easier, and adding efficiencies into the process.


Have you ever been convicted of a crime? When looking at a criminal record report, look only at pertinent information from the past seven years (may vary by state – check with your employment attorney). Unfortunately, some of the criminal reports show everything, and it’s hard to not look, but ignore it if it’s not relevant to the job! In today’s era of the internet, criminal records are public information and accessible. Facebook and social media can be helpful to having an insight into a potential employee. However, is this legal?

Job Descriptions

When it comes to successful human resource management, job descriptions are the hub of the wheel. Everything else that you deal with comes out of that single document, working in concert to form a functioning unit. Lose one or two spokes, and you can hobble along. Lose the hub and you’re in the ditch. Exempt and non-exempt status is based upon the job duties, regardless of the job title.

What you don’t know could cost you.

You can recruit all you want, but your recruiting won’t be successful unless you know exactly what you’re looking for. Unless the person understands exactly what their responsibilities are, you won’t have a successful onboarding/orientation period. Without solid job descriptions, coaching and mentoring lose their focus.

The Interview

Phone screening helps you fill in details and get additional information before deciding whether or not to continue to the next level of the hiring process. They take up a lot less time than a face-to-face interview. However, when you have selected your top candidates, nothing replaces the handshake, smile and eye to eye contact.

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